Toronto VMUG LogoWhile all my American friends gather to vote on their next president us fellow Canadians, more specifically Torontonians will be gathering for a syrup drinking, poutine eating, Coffee Crisp devouring, Snow Tire installing VMUG of VMUGs!  Well, to be honest there won’t be any poutine or Coffee Crisp (provided by us) , nor will we be installing snow tires (It’s November folks, should’ve had them on for a few months by now) – but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is syrup close by (there usually is)!  What I can guarantee though is a Toronto VMUG – an epic one – at the Hockey Hall of Fame!

For anyone attending the Toronto VMUG on a regular basis this will be a bit of a change of venue for us.  Normally meetings are held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre however logistics and price kind of moved us in another direction this go around.  In the end we chose the Tim Hortons Theatre (I know, more Canadianisms) at the legendary Hockey Hall of Fame.  To answer your next question, yes, it’s that special time of year when the Stanley Cup will be present.  And your next question, yes, all attendees will gain free access into the exhibits (extra free if you are a Habs fan).

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What’s happening on November 8th?


First up we have a couple of great sponsors covering our costs for this event – Datrium and Cohesity will be on the docket to show us what they have in terms of products and solutions – so a big thanks to them for coming out!  From what I’ve seen of their presentation outlines I think we are in for a non-markety, tech loving treat from these guys!  For those that don’t know Datrium provides a very unique take on how to do production storage while Cohesity has a strong play in the secondary storage market.  So we should have you covered for the day in terms of all your tiers of storage!  Be sure to visit their sites to learn more!

We also have Mr. Matt Crape (Twitter / Blog) coming all the way from Southwest Ontario to talk to us about Disaster Recovery.  Again, I’ve saw Matt’s DR talk during the #vBrownbag Tech Talks at VMworld this year and we are also in for a treat with this one!  So thanks to Matt for making the hike into the craziness that is downtown Toronto!

Datrium has offered up an Apple Watch to one lucky attendee and we have a slew of other great giveaways and swag for this local meeting!

So – if any of this sparks an interest be sure to sign up for the November 8th Toronto VMUG (edit: we may be at capacity, but if you really really want to come I’m sure we could find a spot for yah!).  So, come on out – be part of the self-proclaimed “First VMUG w/ the Stanley Cup”, enjoy some great tech deepdives and community networking, win some prizes and check out the Hockey Hall of Fame and be sure to get your picture with Lord Stanley!