CaptureFunny how time sneaks up on you sometimes.  Just as my feet are in the final stages of healing up from VMworld 2013 I realize that VWworld 2014 is only 5 months away!  Here's hoping I can make it out again this year.  

On the fence about attending, looking for finances or approvals – How's about presenting?!?! – For starters, it gets you a ticket to the conference, so you can take that off your list.  Also, I think it gets you a night of hotel expenses.  Most of all, it gets you the chance to stand up in front of your peers and share what you know in hopes of making everyones job easier.

So how do you go about presenting – well, luckily for you the "Call For Papers" has just opened up today!  Head over to and put together a small abstract outlining what you would like to talk about!  Be sure to make it appealing too.  Don't just throw it out there like this blog post – these will be judged and voted on and only the best ones will be accepted.  I for one have presented during a couple of panel discussions at VMworld, but never all by my lonesome.  Maybe this year will be that year!

Hope to see you there!