phd_virtual_partner_logoHave you ever wondered what your plan of attack will be in the event you need to recover your virtual infrastructure and the applications running on it?  How long before users will be able to resume their work?  Well, PHD Virtual, makers of PHD Virtual Backup have put the power in your hands to figure out just what that number is.  Today they have released a free, yes FREE tool dubbed the RTA calculator which can provide visibility into your organizations recover time will be.

The tool itself runs on Windows, and simply points to your vCenter instance.  From there you have a wizard driven interface where you select which VMs you would like to analyze and set a boot order.  Now the magic happens.  RTA will take a snapshot of the selected VMs and utilizes link clones to create a copy of of these.  Lastly, it calculates the total time it will take for you to boot that group of VMs, leaving you with a nice estimate on your RTA (Recovery Time Actual).


You can go and grab your free copy of the RTA calculator here – and for those that may be interested in seeing it in action there's a pretty cool video embedded below.