2 thoughts on “8 weeks of #VCAP – Private VLANS

  1. Hello,
    i got this case , a customer wants to implement vlan 20 , he wants to create a department for students that will use VDI solution with vmware view with max ports 50 and one for conference with max ports 10 , Vdi students must connect to Internet but isolated from anything else and conference can connect to Internet and to others within the same community , vlans you must use 20, 120 -122 , and what i did , i created a DVS with 2 port groups ( vdi and conference) , i created a private vlan at the DVSswitch level , with promiscous vlan 20 , one isolated Vlan 120(for VDI) and one community Vlan 122( for conference) ,of course i did apply those vlans to the port gropus respectively

    Can you please tell me if my concept is correct ?

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