VMware LogoSomething I’ve noticed on my 3 upgrades of vCenter so far is that after implementing SSO and upgrading to vCenter 5.1 users now have to log into the clients using the format DOMAIN\Username.  Not a big deal, but different than what they are previously used to, and different in most cases is not good.  Honestly, it drives me a little crazy too 🙂


Thankfully it’s not a big job to get things back to the way they were.  All that needs to be done is to actually set up your domain as one of the default domains, something which doesn’t seem to be applied by default (in my case anyways).  To do so you will need the new web client and you will need to login using your administrative SSO credentials that you setup during that install.  By default the username is admin@system-domain and the password is one that you have created (can’t tell you that 🙂 )

AddToDefaultDomainsOnce your in select Administration from the left hand navigational menu and then Configuration in the Sign-On and Discovery section.  First off you should see your domain configuration listed in the top section of the Identity Sources tab.  Simply select it and then click the Default Domains button (shown left) to add it to your list of default domains.  You may experience a warning at this pointing, something about locking out accounts – I ignored this and have not had any issues at all, but it’s your choice whether you want to investigate this further.


DefaultDomainsDoneOne more thing, do not forget to apply your changes by clicking the ‘Save’ icon – this one bit me about three times before I even noticed it was there 🙂


As always I appreciate any comments, questions and concerns below 🙂