As if the magic of vMotion wasn't good enough, you can now do on your IPAD.  Thats right, you now have the ability to take a running production virtual machine and move it from one piece of hardware to another using nothing but your finger!  And to top it off, it has sound effects!  (Why do I feel like there was an over abundance of plane noises coming from the sessions at vmworld europe?)

Along with vMotion the new IPAD vSphere client added support for older (3.5) and new (5) versions of vSphere and some other bug fixes and features.  So, if you haven't upgraded you might as well.  It's available in the app store now.  Keep in mind, you will have to upgrade your VCMA to 1.2 as well, which is available on VMwares' fling pages here.  It's a pretty painless and quick task.

On a serious note it is nice to see more administrative type tasks coming into to client built for tablet use.  The need for lugging laptops around is getting smaller and smaller with every release!