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#TopvBlog2014 – Two words – Thank you!

CaptureAs you have probably noticed (yeah right – you haven't noticed 🙂 ) I have changed the little award banner on my left sidebar from 'Top 50' virtualization blogs to 'Top 25' virtualization blogs.  This year mwpreston.net moved up 19 spots to #20 on Eric Siebert's Top Blog voting and I couldn't be more humbled and appreciative of the VMware community.  Honestly, it's amazing to even be on the list, but moving up on the list over the last two years really gives me the drive to continue doing whatever it is you call this.  I am humbled, that's true – but honestly, I'm excited and content as well.  It feels great to be recognized and I think we can all agree on that.

Here's the thing – Two and half years ago I attended my first VMworld – a lonely little vSphere admin who didn't really have a handle on the technology but was developing quite an interest in it.  Those 4 days really changed my outlook on my career and how I consume information.  Getting on Twitter, sitting through a "Start your virtualization blog" talk with none other than the great John Troyer, Eric Siebert, and David Davis, and just getting a handle on all of the community resources available has drastically changed how I consume and research any new IT initiatives.  Fast forward to today and I'm sitting at #20 on the Top Blogs list.  I just think it's a cool story!

Either way, enough reminiscing – I just wanted to put this post up to say Thank You to everyone who voted, not just for me, but for all the blogs.  Over 1400 total votes and 300 + blogs just goes to show you the support that the VMware community has and how awesome it is!  Also, thanks to Eric for all the work he puts into this – it can't be an easy job tallying and filtering out those votes, let along maintaining his Launch Pad page.  I also won a cool prize as well in the forms of a tablet, as well as one to give away to one of you – so watch for that contest to start soon.

So thanks for reading and as always, let me know if I screw up 🙂  Here's to another great year!

Top virtualization blog voting is underway

top-vblog-2014-2-crop-300x180If you haven't heard Eric Siebert (blog/twitter) has opened up his annual top VMware and virtualization blog voting over at vsphere-land.com once again.  If you are an avid reader of this or any other virtualization blogs then might I ask that you head over there and cast a vote for your favorite 10 VMware blogs.  Blogging is most certainly not a full time job nor is it a means of retiring anytime soon – It's really something we do simply because we have a passion for sharing information and solutions with the greater VMware community in hopes we can help solve a problem or help people to better understand certain technologies.  Think about the number of times you have googled something and got the solution from one of the blogs listed on the vLaunchPad.  Its a daily occurrence for me!  So give your favorite blogger some props and throw him/her a vote!

Last year mwpreston dot net jumped 86 places, moving from #125 to #39.  A truly humbling feeling to crack the top 50 when the results came out.  I am not striving to be number 1 – Duncan's got that locked down 🙂  However having been listed in the top 50, be it just a number, is pretty awesome in my books.  That said, I'd do the same thing whether I was voted #6 or #600.

So with all that I'm not asking for your vote directly, I won't never do that (unless it was inside brackets, go do that!), I'm instead asking that if there are any blogs you love that stand out head on over and give them a vote.  And hey, need some incentive – Eric, along with Veeam have also sponsored a slew of prizes and giveaways this year well.  So head over, rock the vote, and hopefully win yourself a tablet or some headphones!!!

Need some help, here are some blogs that I've paid close attention to this year, in no specific order.

Also, the blogs of my #vDB brethren – these are always a good feed to have.

Also a huge thanks goes out to Eric who I know puts countless hours into organizing and getting the results together.  Thanks so much for reading this year and don't forget to vote!

Get your hands on a free Unitrends NFR lisense – and some top notch community knowledge to boot

unitrendsI’ve just been informed that Unitrends, one of the great sponsors of this blog will be hosting a webinar with none other than the great Eric Siebert!  You know, the vExpert, Author, Blogger – oh and the guy behind the coveted vSphere-Land Top Virtualization Blogs – yah, him!

Eric and Unitrends will be going over how you can utilize blogging tech experts and peers writing from the IT trenches as well as the following points…

  • How the virtualization blogger community has evolved
  • Why you should pay attention to what bloggers are saying
  • Top virtualization blogs to watch in 2013

This is certainly one that I don’t want to miss!  It’s always great to hear Eric speak about the state of the blogosphere!  He certainly has been through mostly all of the blogs out there during his yearly vote!  So, if you have nothing to do on April 18th around lunchtime (12PM EST) why not go and sign up to watch this – landing page is here.

Oh, did I mention that Unitrends is giving EVERY attendee a free NFR license of their Unitrends Enterprise Backup – not too shabby for just showing up.  Also, one of the lucky attendees could get their hands on a $200 ThinkGeek.com giftcard!

See yah there 🙂

Say What? Top 50!!!!

Thank-youSo the votes have been counted, tallied, and posted over on Eric Sieberts vSphere-Land and the results are in.  And this blog, to my surprise has ended up in the top 50, coming in at #39 overall!  Honestly, a huge thank you goes out to all that have voted.   Coming into this I never expected to rank anything close to that, last year I was at #125. Not once did I think I would move up 86 spots!!!!

Now being in the top 50 wasn’t really my goal when I started this blog but hey, I’ll take it!  I’m just happy that the community is finding some usefulness in some of the content that I’m writing.  I’ve certainly consumed my fair share of information over the years so I’m thrilled to simply just give back.  It’s truly an honor to share the same stage with all of the great virtualization bloggers out there.  A big thanks goes out to Eric Siebert as well, not only for taking the endless hours to compile the voting survey, the lists of bloggers, feeds, twitter IDs and whatnot, but for also giving me a little push to start this blog ( I attended a vMeetup at VMworld 2011 w/ Eric and John Troyer where I got some great info on how to start a virtualization blog).

So with that I’ll just end this post with again another Thank You to my readers!  Please continue to leave all the comments and feedback you want, as it helps me to improve on both my knowledge and my writing.  #39 is certainly a great achievement for myself, but the fact that my ramblings and solutions are helping some of you solve your issues is the real payback for me!  Plus, I’m glad some of you enjoy because I’m not stopping 🙂





A friendly reminder to get out to the vPolls today!

voteforpedroJust a reminder that today is the last day that you are able to vote for your favorite virtualization blogs!  Now I’m not saying get over there and vote for me, but, well, yes I am!  Actually no, try and place your vote based on the suggestions that Mr. Eric Siebert has given below.  There are now over 200 blogs on the voters ballot – craziness, that’s a lot of information being shared, so go have a look and be sure to get your picks in.  You can follow the link here to see Eric’s post on the voting process, and as well, while you are there be sure to check out Eric’s blog, in particular his vLaunchpad – a complete listing of all the blogs out there..  Awesome stuff!  I know that this takes a ton of work to put together, categorize blogs, tally votes, find RSS feeds and whatnot so hats off to Eric.

As promised here is the criteria in which to base your votes on!

  • Longevity – Anyone can start a blog but it requires dedication, time & effort to keep it going. Some bloggers start a blog only to have it fall to the wayside several months later. Things always come up in life but the good bloggers keep going regardless of what is happening in their life.
  • Length – It’s easy to make a quick blog post without much content, nothing wrong with this as long as you have good content in the post that people will enjoy. But some bloggers post pretty long detailed posts which takes a lot of time and effort to produce. The tip of the hat goes to these guys that burn the midnight oil trying to get you some great detailed information.
  • Frequency – Some bloggers post several times a week which provides readers with lots of content. This requires a lot of effort as bloggers have to come up with more content ideas to write about. Frequency ties into length, some do high frequency/low length, some do low frequency/high length, some do both. They’re all good and require a lot of time and effort on the bloggers part.
  • Quality – It all comes down to whats in the blog post regardless of how often or how long the blog posts are. After reading a blog post if you come away with learning something that you did not previously know and it benefits you in some way then you know you are reading a quality post. Good quality is usually the result of original content, its easy to re-hash something previously published elsewhere, the good bloggers come up with unique content or put their own unique spin on popular topics.

Happy Birthday mwpreston dot net

As you’ve probably already guessed from the name of this post mwpreston dot net is finally in the books as being one year old. Honestly this is a fairly big accomplishment for me. It’s been a long ride since those first few blog posts (Hey, Who’s the new guy? and VMworld 2011 and the community that surrounds it)  Before starting this blog I have tried on numerous occasions to start others, all sort of falling by the wayside and ending up with me just giving up! So what was my key to obtaining success with this one? I’m not really sure, I think just sticking with it and comitting the time to try to get at the very least one post a week out there. Finally I started to get some readers, then the sponsors came and its been a great ride since then!

So what has the first year entailed for this blog? Well, for starters I’ve had some great sponsors (Veeam, PHD Virtual, AppAssure, Starwind and BitRefinery) come on board. This definitely helps cover costs of hosting and gear that it takes to produce the content. I’m very grateful to have them on the site! Secondly this blog played a pivotal role in my reciving the vExpert designation for 2012. I can’t tell you how much that award means to me. To be recognized by the company who’s technology you have so much passion for is amazing and humbling. And lastly (but most certainly definetly not even close to least) this blog has given myself the avenue to share back any knowledge I can with the community that I love and have learned so much from! A community that has brought me from your standard sysadmin, to a VCP, to a VMworld attendee to a vExpert! Its truly awesome to be able to share, engage, and participate within this group!

And to close out this wonderful birthday I have a few tidbits of stats to share…

That’s really all I have for now. Although some of the numbers are low I’ve very proud of the success I’ve had thus far and very grateful for my readers and their comments they have left.  Thank you all so much for reading and Ill do my best to continue to blog as much and as often as I can.