6 thoughts on “Veeam Cloud Connect – a customer perspective!

  1. Did you ever end up using or deploying Veeam Cloud Connect?
    I would be keen to hear your opinion of this now that it’s been out for awhile?
    We’ve found it interesting with retention policies and such for people who want to eliminate tape based backups. The weekly’s, monthly’s and yearly’s can chew up some serious disk space. I’m hoping Veeam will release some tools for service providers to manage the consolidation in Cloud Repositories a bit better in future releases.

    1. From the technical perspective, one of the biggest reasons why customers implement GFS rotation is to maintain separate, independent copies of data in their archive. Tape gives provides for this implicitly, but eliminating tape does not mean you should also eliminate this independency factor. Not keeping GFS fulls as separate, self-sufficient backup files means you can lose all of your data archived at once (after a single essential data block gets corrupted).
      And from the business perspective, is not this a a good problem to have for the service providers who sell their storage? The more you can sell, the better?

  2. You’ve really hit the nail on the head. The privacy/compliance/governance aspect is absolutely huge in Canada. Cloud connect has really empowered Veeam partners by creating a rich marketplace, where there are plenty of choices that are appropriate for just about any specialized customer scenario.

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