I’m super excited today to finally announce that I’ve been selected to be a part of the newly announced Veeam Vanguard program!  Now I’ve been a vExpert a handful of times now, however was never involved during the early years of the program – so to be part of a community recognition program like the Vanguard right from the get go is a pretty cool honour and something I’m really looking forward to.  As for what the Vanguard program is and how it works, I’ll leave you to the Rickatron’s article published earlier today!

Veeam has always been a company that’s been near and dear to me – they were really one of the reason’s I started blogging here in the first place – to help share some of the experiences I had while using their software!  They were my first sponsor of this blog and have been around the whole time I’ve been engaged with the virtualization community!

Congrats to the other original nominees and the more that there is to come!  It’s really cool to see all of the countries represented on the Vanguard page – it truly is a global program!  I excited to see how this program grows and how it all pans out!  Also being able to call myself a Vanguard is pretty cool, in a midevil warfare kind of way!