Month: August 2014

VMworld general session

Here’s my attempts at live blogging the VMworld general session from San Francisco .  With most of the press releases already pushed out this morning I’m not sure how many surprises VMware will have in store for us during the first keynote of the conference. I’m seated with the wonderful VMUG team about 6 rows from the front thanks to Angelo Luciani.  To get a feel for what that might look like here are a couple pictures. The whole cracking of walls noises blasting through the speakers is kind of ironic seeing as we just had an earthquake a couple nights ago. A great conversation starter at the least. After a pretty entertaining episode of dancing with the stars CMO Robin Matlock takes the stage to kick things off touting VMware will continue to leverage their three main strategic priorities; Software Defined Datacenter, hybrid cloud and end user computing. Furthermore she went on to say that VMworld is really about community and leveraged VMUG as an example of that. Something I completely agree with. From here let’s get a lesser known guy on the stage, CEO Pat Gelsinger. He started out by comparing our industry and life to water, stating we need to be more adaptive to change, a liquid world. Pat spoke about bravery comparing engineers working on the most important piece of software in the world to...

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mwpreston at #VMworld

With less than a week until the big show and only three days before I hop into the big tin can to get there I thought a post in regards to my “planned” VMworld experience is in order!  I say planned since VMworld is always a crazy experience and things can change quickly with so much to do and learn. That said I do know of a few items in my calendar that are set in stone! Opening Acts This is a great idea for a conference primer that is taking place this year!  The VMunderground team, along with the vBrownbag crew have set the stage for some great knowledge dropping fun Sunday before VMworld.  I’m happy to say that I will be taking a spot on the last panel of the day, dealing with Architecture and Infrastructure.  Needless to say I’m excited to be taking part but what I’m most excited about is the other rockstars I’ll be sitting next to – Melissa Palmer (@vmiss), Phoummaia Schmitt (@exchangegoddess), Maish Saidel-Keesing (@maishsk) and John Arrasjid (@vcdx001) and moderated by Matt Liebowitz (@mattliebowitz).  Umm, yeah, you read that right – the FIRST VCDX!  I’ll certainly be sitting on the shoulders of giants during this one and hopefully have a little to contribute, but am mostly looking forwarded to learning from the best!.  Opening acts kicks off at 1PM at City View...

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5 Reasons you need to attend VeeamON

If you haven’t heard already Veeam is setting the stage for a backup extravaganza in sin city on October 6th through the 8th.  That’s right!  The long time leader in modern data center availability have locked down the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas to host their (and the worlds) first data center availability event – VeeamON!  Personally, a Veeam conference is something that really excites me.  Being a long time Veeam customer I’ve seen them grow from a quite a small company into the powerhouse they are now, and release after release, they have been consistent in delving groundbreaking features into their products that never fail to surprise me!  I mean, who ever though I would be using my backup software to run intrusion tests on applications? So what’s the deal with VeeamON and why should you go?  Well, hopefully my handful of reasons is compelling enough to convince you to attend! Reason 1 – Content is King Honestly you shouldn’t need to read the remaining 4 reasons after reviewing the content line-up that Veeam has in store for us.  With over 50 breakout sessions, broken down into two three main tracks (Technical, Business, Partner) there will most definitely be enough Veeam goodness to fill anybodies schedule.  Whether you are a customer just starting out or a long time Veeam user looking to dive deeper into the technology, a partner looking...

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