Ever have an issue that no matter what you do you can’t seem to get rid of an old vCenter Orchestrator server that’s registered with vCenter?  No?  Well, you might want to just stop reading then!  Either way, I have and no matter how many times I un-configured the vCenter plug-in, removed the vCenter plug-in, reloaded the vCenter plug-in the entry would just not seem to go away.  After a slew of curse words and a half dozen restarts of vCO and SSO I finally prevailed – and this is how I did so.

Take the “mob” approach and “dispose” of the vCO server.

Don’t worry, there’s no illegal activity here – I’m not talking about taking Soprano action but what we will do is get a little Al Capone on the vSphere MOB (Managed Object Browser).  The MOB is basically a graphical representation or hierarchy of our vSphere objects which allows us to view properties and  invoke and perform different methods on different objects to achieve the respective results.  That’s about the best way I can explain it – anyways, let’s cut to the point and get rid of that registered vCO server.

Access the mob by opening up your favorite browser and navigating to https://IP_OF_VCENTER/mob/

Once authenticated let’s click our way to our vCenter extensions by hitting ‘content’, then ‘Extension Manager’

mob-content mob-extensionmanager

Here we can see all of the extensions that are currently registered with our vCenter Server, including our vCenter Orchestrator extension.


Before we can go ahead and unregister this extension we need to obtain the extension key or unique identifier.  To do so, you guessed it, click on it

mob-vcoextension key

If you have more than one vCO extension and can’t figure out which one is which try drilling further down into the object by clicking ‘server’ in order to get the URL associated with the object.  That should help you figure out which object key you need.

Copy that object key and head back to the ‘Extension List’ screen.  Here, we need to invoke a method located in the bottom section called ‘Unregister Extension’.    Simply paste in your extension key you obtained above and click ‘Invoke Method’.


mob-unregistermethodBooyah!  All should be well in the world again!  Hope someone finds this short, but to the point post helpful!  As always, comments, concerns and threats are all welcome through the outlets provided in the comments section.  Happy Friday and #GOHABSGO.