Asus Nexus 7 Giveaway courtesy of vSphere-land and Veeam


Say what!?!?!  You are giving a way an Asus Nexus 7 tablet?!?  Why yes, yes I am!  Aside from landing myself #20 on the Top Virtualization blogs at I also won myself a pretty sweet Nexus 7 tablet as well as one to giveaway to one of you fine folk.

You can thank the great people over at Veeam once again for this giveaway!  They sponsored this years blog voting with some awesome prizes including Sony headphones, Chromecasts, Pebble watches, Jockery Batteries and the Nexus 7 tablets.  Also, don't forget to reach out to Eric Siebert and thank him as well!  I know he puts countless hours into the blog voting – so let him know how much you appreciate it!

What is an Asus Nexus 7?

In its essence it's a 7 inch android tablet.  The real benefit though comes in the name Nexus, simply meaning you are getting a stock version of the Android OS – meaning they are free from all the bloatware or manufacture modifications and you will receive your software updates directly from Google, without reliance on the manufacturer.

As far as specifications go I'll let you check them out for yourself – but from what I've read the ASUS Nexus 7 really hits it home when it comes to design, display, and performance – so what more can you really ask for?

How to enter?

I didn’t feel like making this one too complicated – just leave a comment on this post.  What to comment on?!?!  It’s up to you really – talk about the significance of the number 20, tell the world something they don’t know about you, tell me how great the Habs are and how they are going to take home Lord Stanley, throw in a #ScottLoweFact, simply just bang away on your keyboard – your choice really!  Feel free to go ahead an use a fake email if you wish, but if I can't get a hold of you I'll just draw another name.  I’ll tally up the comments and have a random number generator give me the winner!  This contest will close at 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, April 24th so the clock is ticking!  Good luck!

  • joel gibson

    Congratulations on your accomplishments over the past year or so, and climbing to #20 in the Top Blogs. I’m currently reading through your Troubleshooting vSphere Storage book – good read. Keep up the work in the community. 🙂

  • Hi
    Congrats on your #20 spot. I know its hard work and even harder to stay in the top 🙂

  • Sean Massey

    Congrats on being #20. Unfortunately, the Habs will not be taking Lord Stanley home this year as it will be spending another year in Chicago. Go Hawks!

  • Gabriel Señires

    As a positive person, I will win the Nexus 7. That is all. 🙂

  • John

    Congrats on #20. Keep up the great work

  • Joseph griffiths

    What is the answer to the ultimate question … 20… What is the question… Well that depends.

  • Jonathan Baker

    Congrats on 20! It’s a good number because it’s the optimal number of steps you can take to solve the most complicated Rubik’s cube.

  • Congrats and thanks for doing the give away! Keep up the great content and thank you!

  • Chris Bell

    Congratulations! 20 is a tetrahedral number. 20-20 vision is perfect eyesight, proved by reading letters on a chart from 20 feet. The product of the number of divisors and the number of proper divisors of 20 is exactly 20. 20 is the only number with more than one digit that can be written from base 2 to base 20 using only the digits 0 to 9. It is at 20 that a person is no longer a teenager. Twenty is also a village in Lincolnshire, UK.

  • Eric Beach

    Great work. Keep the achievements coming! I’m still working on the Troubleshooting vSphere Storage book, but it’s great to see great content rewarded.

  • Josh

    Congrats on #20!

  • Keep up the good work!

  • Andrey Pogosyan

    Definitely congrats on the 20!! well deserved!! and well, the habs making the playoffs is of course an added bonus!

  • Mike

    A Nexus 7!!? I’ve gotta get in on this. 20 is 5 less than the Stanley Cups Montreal will have won after this year! Go Habs Go

  • Mike P

    Congrats on scoring the 20th spot.

  • Yuri Mendoza

    Well Mike, really congrats at being on the top 20. I’ll like to thank you for the dedication on sharing your experience we us vBloggers, vExperts, vITPros wanna be.. Keep up the good vjob, and hope to win.

  • Tomas Kuba

    This is fun. Congrats and thanks for all the blogposts.

  • Andrey Eliseev

    Hey! Congrats and thanks!

  • well deserved

  • Matt

    This is awesome, hope its available for the non US peeps.

  • Ismail

    thanks fo this!

  • ManInTheMirror

    this is wonderful work and congratulations!!!

  • harshvardhan gupta

    NUMBER 20
    Those born under the influence of the number 20 incarnate to be of service to souls who are ailing and in need of help. Such individuals give Spiritual upliftment and guidance and live the humanitarian ideals.
    The keyword is ‘Universal Service.’

    I think you’re also doing a universal service spreading virtualization knowledge.

  • Romain DECKER

    #20 is NOT the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything 😉

  • Clint Weiss

    I’m not sure what to think of the habs… I like them if they meet the bruins, but I don’t know that they would fare as well against the red wings or penguins. Im rooting for the guins but I don’t like their chances against the bruins or flyers.

  • Alexandru Covaliov

    Being in top 20 is not so bad. Even at this level your blog is very interesting for me and I’ve learned many things there. Keep the same tempo 😉

  • Lip Sin

    New target #1.

  • Tim Jabaut

    A #vDB should always be awarded this prize. It is awesome that you made it to 20.

  • yitz98


  • Alex Robles Az

    awesome! i hope i win! did you guys see the “blood” moon eclipse? i did 😀

  • Rob Nelson

    Is that 20 in decimal or trinary?

  • da5is

    I would love to win this – as would my son love for me to win this (he turns 5 today!)

  • I live in GA. We don’t know what hockey is or how to even keep a hockey team (3 teams have come and gone)! I do like to watch the punching in hockey though! 🙂

  • Rasmus Haslund

    Congrats on the top spot Mike, very well deserved. I hope to make top 50 next year.

    How are the sales #’s on your book?

  • Congrats on the ranking Mike! I will add my name into the hat then…

  • Matt Liebowitz

    Congrats on the ranking. And as for the Habs, I’m a Devils fan so I could care less about them. But if Martin Brodeur decides to keep playing and has to play for a team other than the Devils, I’d love to see him in a Habs sweater.

  • Andrew Dauncey

    Congrats on the top 20. Veeam really do a great job sponsoring the community.

    Hope to say hi at VMworld.

  • Dee Abson

    Your lucky randomly generated password of the day is:


  • vsamurai_com

    Congrats on being voted #20 this year. You “slashed” the competition – vSamurai

  • bill ingram

    I am studying for the VCP5 exam. I am REALLY glad that I found your website. It is a godsend. Thanks!

  • Iggy

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, I have seen this tablet and am in love with it. It would be great for myself of course and for my family. Good luck all. Congrats and your top 20 and your tablet, thank you for being so generous as well.

  • Jeremy Parsons

    Great blog, congrats on reaching #20!

  • Michael Adams

    I think it is great that there is a contest! I also enjoy the website.