2 thoughts on “Winners of the Troubleshooting vSphere Storage eBook

  1. Hi Mike. Excellent book!!! I bought your book and I have to say it was my best investment and ROI in this year πŸ™‚ $5 is really fair price and it looks more like community donation then normal book price. I would recommend to buy your book to all vsphere admins and architects. It is really good introduction into vsphere storage topic. For 95% folks it is all what they need to know. However there are two main topics I would consider to add into your book. 1/ new storage systems with disk pooling and automated storage tiering because it is very common nowadays and introduces benefits but also some challenges 2/ SIOC – SDRS normalized latency because it is much more better to monitor than normal datastore latency which is not normalized among more and less IO intensive esx hosts.

    1. Thanks David! I’m glad you like it and thanks for the support! Publishers wanted to keep the book somewhat limited in pages and I was over already, so I left tiering and SSD, etc out intentionally. That said, you are right about SIOC – I should’ve maybe touched on it a bit more – maybe for the next one πŸ™‚


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