Month: September 2013

Tuning Linux (Debian) in a vSphere VM – Part 3 – /dev/random

So here we are – Part 3 and the final part of the Linux series.  The title of this part is /usr/bin/random because well the content will be indeed quite random.  I couldn't think of a way to classify the content of this post into a single category!  So get ready for a hodge podge of fixes, modifications and configurations that have nothing in common and no similarities whatsoever.  I apologize up front for the flow (or lack thereof) of this post but hopefully someone will find something useful in it. What time is it? Almost every OS is very dependent in having accurate time and use different hardware and software techniques to do so.  When something is virtualized this adds yet another layer in between the OS and the hardware and creates some challenges as it pertains to timekeeping.  I’m not going to go through a time keeping lesson – there’s a great VMware whitepaper here that goes very deep into the topic.  Instead I'll just try to summarize what I've learned over the years as it relates to Linux and timekeeping.  Depending on the Linux distribution and kernel version you are running you may need to add some boot parameters to either the grub or LILO menu in order to disable the High Precision Event Timer (HPET) and set the proper clock managers.  Most new releases of Linux distributions (within...

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Veeam offering NFR lisenses of new Backup Management Suite to IT Pro’s!!!

This isn't the first time that I've blogged about this and it's certainly not the first time Veeam has done this!  Once again with a kick off of the new Veeam Backup Management Suite if you are a vExpert, VCP, MCP, MCTS, or a MVP you can grab yourself a couple sockets worth of NFR licenses!  Veeam was one of if not the first company to offer free NFR licenses to the VMware community professionals and honestly I love these programs.  It helps us learn the product more, exploring what it can and cannot do without having to download trial after trial – and I'm sure it gets Veeam the exposure and attention they like to have from the blogosphere! And speaking of what it can and can't do – check out the What's New document!  It seems that it can now do a whole lot more! So if you qualify you might as well head over and fill out the form to get your...

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